Your Chance to Play Grounded

Participation through the Xbox Insider Program is the only way to play Grounded on an Xbox One during this time period, so make sure you join to be an Xbox Insider for a chance to participate. Once registered, on June 9, all accepted participants can open up the Xbox Insider Hub program (on Windows 10 PC or Xbox One) and start downloading Grounded. Involvement in the Xbox Insider flight will be on a first-come first-serve basis due to the limited number of slots available. The official opening of the flight will be announced via Twitter, so keep an eye for updates from @GroundedTheGame.

Having listened to the community, and due to the overwhelming response and interest to participate in the Xbox Insider flight, Obsidian have updated there plans accordingly. As mentioned earlier, Obsidian will now also be participating in the upcoming Steam Game Festival to give even more players an opportunity to play the Grounded demo. The Steam Game Festival starts on June 9 and extends through June 14 as well, and all you need is an active Steam account to be able to download and play the same demo that will be released through the Xbox Insider flight.

The team at Obsidian are excited to have you start this journey with them and get into the game, as it is important to receive the fans feedback. Having both the Xbox Insider and Steam demos line up at the same time means allows the developers to hear from as many of you as possible before the game enters Xbox Game Preview with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Steam Early Access on July 28. See you in the backyard soon!


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