Yakuza: Like a Dragon launches alongside Xbox Series consoles

SEGA has confirmed that Yakuza: Like A Dragon will be available on November 10th for Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X. The game was moved up from its November 13th to release alongside the Xbox Series S/X consoles.

Those who purchase the Xbox One version will be able to upgrade to the Xbox Series version via Smart Delivery.

This newest entry in the critically acclaimed Yakuza series takes a departure from the norm as it introduces turn-based combat instead of the traditional beat’em up mechanic.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon tells the story of Ichiban Kasuga, a junior member of the Tojo Clan’s Arakawa Family, is asked by the family’s patriarch Masumi Arakawa to go to prison for a murder that he didn’t commit to protect the real killer, an invaluable senior officer in the eyes of Arakawa.

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