What Is Space Crew?

Curve Digital and Runner Duck have released a new trailer for their upcoming sci-fi sequel Space Crew. The newest trailer gives a bit more insight on what the game actually is. The game drops on October 15th and you can benefit from a 15% discount by pre-ordering it along with a free copy of Bomber Crew.

The newest trailer below showcases the ins and outs of space exploration, ship customisation, crew progression and features lots and lots of PEW, PEW. Space Crew expands on the crew management gameplay formula of Bomber Crew.

Players will have to recruit their crew, customise their ship and carefully select missions across the cosmos with the goal of learning about the impending threat and optimizing their ships to the maximum in order to be combat-ready at all times. Threats will be coming from all sides as players will need to solve alien boardings, falling oxygen levels, system failures, power fluctuations, fires; among other disasters.

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