Vampire’s Fall: Origins review

Vampire’s Fall: Origins is set in the fictional village called Vamp’Ire where villagers have been enjoying a peaceful life full of happiness for many years. Unfortunately, a Witchmaster, wielder of dark magic, arrives on the village’s doorstep and wipes it out; everything destroyed and everyone dead… except you: a simple recruit who will need to hunt the Witchmaster and put an end to his reign of terror.

The best way to describe Vampire’s Fall: Origins at a glance is if Diablo had random encounters and turn-based combat rather than action-based combat. You roam around in a 3D isometric view talking to various NPCs for useful information and quests. While discussing with various NPCs, you can also make conversational choices through discussions in order to learn more about various aspects of the game’s world and lore.

The turn-based combat is quite unique. Instead of using the face button, you select attacks with the d-pad. Each “stronger” attack requires focus. The default attack doesn’t require any in order to give you at least a chance of survival avoid turning your character into a damage sponge while the Focus meter fills up. After a few turns, you’ll be able to pull combos. You’ll be able to select a few different attacks, at long as it doesn’t exceed the amount of Focus available.

The Focus meter is definitely an interesting addition to the combat as it brings a layer of strategy to the battle. While simple enemies can be easily dispatched, when going head to head with stronger enemies, you’ll often have to debate whether using the default attack to preserve and cumulate Focus or go all out. Conserving Focus can be greatly beneficial when it’s time for combo-ing as it’ll let you create a bigger combo.

As with any RPG, players can expect a bevy of equipment and gear to find and buy to aid you in battle. Additionally, you’ll be able to upgrade your character’s diverse characteristics. So nothing new here; when you level up you are rewarded with skill points that can be used across a handful of skills.

The game’s biggest problem here is the combat. While encounters are random at times, I’ve never seen this level of random. You can run around for like 10-15 minutes without a single encounter and then end up against an overpowered enemy that will wipe you in a matter of seconds. This gives little to no chances to grind to level up. For example, early on, you need to follow a trail of blood…and I ended up against an enemy that had 1056 HP….while I had 102. Yet when I respawned nearby, encountered a more regular, still overpowered enemy.

The game has a unique, cell-shaded look when on the overworld map; character movement is surprisingly fluid. The map is also big giving players a lot of ground to cover and explore. Given the game’s slightly darker nature, the map is a bit on the drap, darker side. During the combat, characters have Paper Mario-like movements. The soundtrack is pretty interesting as the game will have music when entering towns, but when explore forests and the such, all you hear is the ambient nature noises.

Vampire’s Fall: Origins is surprisingly deep customization-wise, with a map wide enough to explore for quite some time and the combat itself is unique and interesting… when you get actually *in* combat that is. The lack of encounters will ensure frustration as you’ll constantly be underpowered and making grinding nigh-impossible. Otherwise, this is a pretty fun and addictive RPG. This is definitely a surprise gem for me this year. RPG fans, do not miss out.

  • 80%
    CX Score - 80%



  • Great map to explore
  • Surprisingly deep character customisation


  • Easy to be overpowered
  • Long loading times before and after battles

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