The Suicide of Rachel Foster Launches Next Week

Publisher Daedalic Entertainment and developer ONE-O-ONE GAMES will be releasing their chilling first-person adventure The Suicide of Rachel Foster on August 26th for £16.99/€19.99/AU$26.95.

The Suicide of Rachel Foster is set in 1993 and will take platers through a trip of The Suicide of Rachel Foster; a multi-layered narrative thriller that combines elements of mystery and horror

The game tells the story of Nicole, a young woman driven by her mother’s dying wish to uncover her family’s dark past. As she unravels the secrets behind the suicide of teenage girl Rachel, she is snowed in on a lonely mountain and explores the abandoned family hotel.

Knowing her own father had a role to play in the tragic events that happened to Rachel, Nicole relies on the support of a young FEMA agent to unearth the truth once and for all.

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