The Falconeer will be coming to Xbox in 2020

Take to the skies next year in Tomas Sala’s The Falconeer on Xbox One. The third-person airborne ocean-world fantasy RPG will make its debut at XO19 this week between 14th-16th November and has a new announcement trailer found below.

Set in The Great Ursee, The Falconner is an airborne warrior equipped for battle. Take your armed aerial mount to the skies as you explore a bleak and hauntingly beautiful open-world, filled with wondrous locations and warmongering rival factions vying for the mysterious secrets hidden at the Ursee’s unfathomable depths. It looks like Ace Combat but with falcons!

The story revolves around a singular conflict, but you’ll get to play and experience it from as many angles as you want, offering you access to all the factions involved. Progress is earned through Soulshards – the currency of the Ursee,  which can be used to improve your gear and mount, but also to keep your faction on top.

In terms of combat it’s very fast-paced against the backdrop of the beautiful ancient lands of the Ursee. You’ll even find some beauty under the waves.

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