Take a ride with the Truck Driver

Have you checked out Truck Driver yet? Players can hit the road in the trucking experience Truck Driver. Soedesco’s Truck Driver comes with steering wheel support and is Xbox One X enhanced.

In Truck Driver, players can hit the road and take on the profession of a trucker. As they build their career, they need to establish themselves as a respected truck driver while working with all kinds of people. By completing jobs, players will earn trust from the locals, which in turn helps them get more jobs. The game offers a full on-road experience as there is a wide range of cargo to transport and interesting characters to work with. Players will always know who they’re driving for and what cargo they’re hauling. As they drive through a seamless open world with a diverse landscape and alluring towns, they encounter interesting stories from characters and experience the eventful career life of a trucker.

Bas de Jonge, Marketing Manager at SOEDESCO explains:

Being a truck driver involves more than driving from point A to point B. With Truck Driver – as the name implies – the focus is on the driver instead of the truck, including conversations with clients, jobs going different as planned, and maintaining the social aspect of the job”.

As each character comes forth, their stories unfold and friendships arise. Players experience the social aspects that come with the profession. Players can get involved in all kinds of situations that a trucker can run into.

Sometimes, characters accidentally send the player to deliver the wrong cargo or they don’t give clear instructions about where to pick up or deliver the cargo. This results in lively and situations, where the player has to go back with the wrong cargo or figure out where to deliver or pick up the goods. It makes it a fun and dynamic trucking experience with unexpected circumstances and storylines.

Soedesco plans on continue to listen to the Truck Driver community in order to bring their ideas and suggestions to life and continuously work on the future of Truck Driver.

3 thoughts on “Take a ride with the Truck Driver”

  1. Actually quite fancy this, but I know that I will only do a couple of the missions and then just sack it off and never play it again! Probably get it when the price drops 😉

  2. I’ve been interested in this game. I love Simulation type games. Like the other person who commented. I will also most likely wait till price drops.

    @Homie_Drew on Twitter

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