SiNKR 2 releases next month

Wahler Digital announced their plans to release minimalist puzzler SiNKR2 to Xbox One on December 11th for 4.99 USD (and its local equivalent).

The game is an evolved version of its award winning predecessor SiNKR. This sequel adds subtle differences within level themes drive different solutions to superficially similar scenarios.

SiNKR 2 is a Play Anywhere title meaning a single purchase provides both Xbox and PC games with shared progress and achievements.

Here’s what’s carried over from SiNKR:

  • Tutorial levels (no SiNKR experience needed)
  • Advanced levels allow for multiple solutions
  • No scores, no timers, no distractions
  • Responsive ambient soundscape
  • No text, suitable for all languages

And improved flow through the game:

  • Mini-map level selector with challenge ratings from * to ***
  • Multiple paths to complete the game
  • Skippable levels

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