She Sees Red review

She Sees Red is an interactive thriller which recounts the story of a cunning and determined female investigator looking into a suspicious murder which occured in a night club. As the investigation progresses, the investigator notices that for some mysterious reasons, the culprit left plenty of evidences behind. Will you be able to solve this mystery?

She Sees Red is an interactive movie, also known as an FMV: full motion video. Meaning that you’re basically watching a movie where in specific parts, players have to choose between two different options. If you don’t reply quick enough, the game will make a decision for you.

The FMV genre is obviously devoid of gameplay per se; which makes it interesting is that you can play with your phone with the Xbox App so it’s a more relaxed “gaming” experience; and it’s a nice change of pace. Also as mentioned, every choice is timed meaning that you have a few seconds to make a decision before the game makes it for you.

While a single playthrough will give you an ending, in order to figure out the whole mystery, it is recommended to do two playthroughs of it; by ideally making difference decisions on your second go. The game features a whooping total of 62 scenes meaning that it will take a few watch in order to see every possible situations. When going beyond the two recommended playthroughs, you can skip scenes that you’ve already seen to speed up the process.

She Sees Red is a great experience. It looks and feel like a movie; the default language is Russian but obviously it’s also dubbed in English. The problem is the performance of English actors feels phoned in and lack any conviction or emotion; they sound robot-ized. It kinda takes you out of it a bit, but doesn’t impact the story development. Most of the characters aren’t likable, but it’s understandable given the serious tone of the scenario. The game also features subtitles in a variety of languages; French, English, Russian; among others. The only issue here is that the game stutters when an achievement unlocks.

She Sees Red is a great addition to the FMV genre. It features a thrilling, griping story which will have you guessing through the 2/3rds of your second playthrough to find out the truth. While the English voice-acting is told in a robotic kind of manner, it doesn’t take away from the story-telling. It takes about an hour and a half to do both runs so it’s a nice diversion. Don’t miss it.

  • 80%
    CX Score - 80%



  • Great thriller
  • Surprising ending


  • Performance of English speaking actors for the dub feels phoned in
  • Small technical hiccups

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