Rocket Arena: A Guide To Take You To The Top

Rocket Arena


Get a Jump on the Opposition

Your rocket launcher is far more than a weapon. It’s also your best way to traverse the arena. Normally shooting yourself in the foot is a bad thing, but not here — fire at the ground beneath you to Rocket Jump as much as you want! You can also Rocket Climb nearby walls by firing at them. Just aim slightly down and you’ll launch yourself upwards. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find there’s a lot to be gained by exploring vertically. Don’t get stuck on the ground floor!


Rocket Arena


Mind the Gap

Remember, no one dies in Rocket Arena. Your goal is to knock your opponents off the map. Hitting opponents will impulse them, launching them into the air. Harder hitting attacks will impulse players farther. You can K.O. opponents by impulsing them into the Arena Bounds or Megablasting them. That also means you want to watch where you step — try to avoid loitering near Arena Bounds where opponents can easily blast you out. If you do get knocked out, don’t worry! You’ll automatically fly back into the action. Use the time to survey the action, plan your next move, and think about all the mistakes that led you here. Just promise yourself you’ll do better next time.


Rocket Arena


Have a Blast

Hitting your opponents will increase their Blast Meter. The higher their Blast Meter, the farther they’ll fly when impulsed and the longer they’ll be in Hit Stun. While Hit Stunned, player’s can’t use their abilities. The duration of Hit Stun is based on how high your Blast Meter is and how much damage the enemy dealt to you.

Completely filling an opponent’s Blast Meter will put them into Megablast Danger.  A player in Megablast Danger requires only a small amount of damage to be dramatically blasted out of Arena at high speed. Megablasting an opponent also looks really cool and makes you feel great.


Rocket Arena


Get Into Dodge

Obviously, being hit by a rocket is less than ideal. Luckily, you’ve got a Dodge ability that makes you invulnerable and causes rockets to pass through you. You can also use Dodge to break out of Hit Stun, giving you back control and halting your momentum. A well-timed Dodge can make all the difference so don’t forget to break it out when the occasion calls for it.


Rocket Arena


What Makes You Special?

Not just anyone can compete in the Rocket Championship Tour. There’s something special about every Hero in the arena. Each competitor has a Primary, Secondary, and Special ability that’s unique to them. Some also have unique movement abilities tied to their jumps. And most Specials will reset your Hero’s air jumps, which you can potentially use to save yourself from being KO’d. Since everyone has different strengths, weaknesses, rockets, and powers, it’s worth experimenting in Practice Mode to get the hang of a new Hero.

There’s a lot more to learn, but that should be enough to get you started. Or, if you’re in the mood for more learning, visit the Rocket Arena website for even more tips and info. You can’t be too prepared. Either way, Rocket Arena is available now – see you in the arena soon!

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