Nova Class arrives on the back of a Cold Wind in Black Desert

What’s that mean? Nova, the newest Hero of Black Desert, has arrived on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S! Wielding the shield Quoratum, imbued with the power of the divine tree, and an icy-cold morning star, Nova charges into battle, damaging her opponents with both frozen shards and a crushing flail. Accompanying her are the Thornwood Guard, souls who possess the shield Quoratum and are all willing to hurl themselves into harm’s way to protect the woman who shall someday be queen.

Black Desert is celebrating Nova’s arrival with several special events. The first, Calpheon’s Last Princess (live now in-game), features a special event quest: The Cold, Dark Star. The quest is available from the Black Spirit, and as players progress through the questline, they will learn more about Nova’s past.

Black Desert - Nova - Hero Image


The Gifts from the Cold Winds questline gives players the chance to earn amazing rewards through the challenge tab, including Artisan’s Memory, Horse Emblem: Tier 7 White Horse (Female), Naughty Dog, and more. Players can also adorn Nova with special Echidna accessories befitting a queen: Echidna Tiara and Echidna Earring.

What will you be? You might’ve been asking this to the little Winter Bearing Egg, and the time has come for it to hatch! Enter the coupon released during the Black Desert PC X Mobile X Console Calphe:ON Ball and acquire the [Event] Burning Jade Flame. Combine the [Event] Burning Jade Flame with the [Event] Winter-Bearing Egg to receive the Young Rauno (Tier 4).

  • New Adventurer Rewards for Nova: From December 15 to January 20, 2021, New users joining Black Desert will receive a small gift package to help them get set up: Gold Bar 1KG and Horse Emblem: Tier 7 White Horse (Female).
  • Returning Adventurer Rewards for Nova: Returning players can also receive a small gift package between December 15 and January 20, 2021 to commemorate Nova’s release: Gold Bar 1KG x3.

See you in the desert, Adventurer.

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