New Week, New Games from December 1st

Welcome to another weekend, hopefully filled with gaming and lots of fun. And welcome to another New Week, New Games, Our little weekend feature, that provides a guide as to what’s releasing next week, after all it’s always good to read up on the latest games coming to your favourite console and of course PC.

The Game’s below will release between the 1st and 4th of December, enjoy your gaming and weekend people!


Chronos: Before the Ashes – December 1

An atmospheric RPG that chronicles a hero’s lifelong quest to save their homeland from a great evil. Grow wiser, stronger, and more powerful as you explore the depths of the mysterious labyrinth. But beware, the labyrinth takes a heavy toll – each time your hero dies, they lose a year of their life!


Chronos: Before the Ashes – December 1



Empire of Sin – December 1

Slip into the shoes of one of the fourteen real and historically inspired mob bosses such as Al Capone, Stephanie St. Clair or Goldie Garneau and assemble a rag-tag gang, build and manage your criminal empire, and defend your turf from rival gangs in this new strategy game from Romero Games and Paradox Interactive.


Empire of Sin – December 1



Twin Mirror – December 1 – Xbox One X Enhanced

Forced to confront his past, Sam Higgs uses his unique intellectual abilities to uncover his hometown’s dark secrets. But how do you know who to trust when you’re not even sure you can trust yourself? The award-winning storytellers at Dontnod invite you on another thrilling adventure.


Twin Mirror – December 1 – Xbox One X Enhanced



Habroxia – December 2

Pilot the ship Habroxia through 15 levels featuring intense boss fights, rescue missions, shifting perspectives and untold surprises. Customize your ship to enhance your abilities, unlock the three endless side modes, and save the galaxy from a series of sinister invaders.


Habroxia – December 2



Paw Paw Paw – December 2

Paw Paw Paw was a peaceful and prosperous kingdom until one fateful day, when the King had decided to enforce everyone to wear pants. You play as part of the resistance group AntiPants in their effort to bring down the King. Hack and slash your way to victory and beat all your enemies into pulps!


Paw Paw Paw – December 2



Haven – December 3 – Optimized for Xbox Series X|S

Two lovers gave up everything and escaped to a lost planet to be together. Glide through a mysterious landscape, explore a fragmented world and fight against what’s trying to tear them apart in this RPG adventure about love, rebellion, and freedom.


Haven – December 3 – Optimized for Xbox Series X|S



Immortals Fenyx Rising – December 3 – Optimized for Xbox Series X|S

Discover a stylized open world across seven unique regions as you take on the role of Fenyx, a winged demigod on a quest to save the Greek gods. Wield the power of ancient weapons like Achilles’ sword and Daidalos’ wings to battle powerful enemies and solve ancient puzzles, fight iconic mythological beasts, and use diverse weapons to deal devastating damage.


Immortals: Fenyx Rising – December 3 – Optimized for Xbox Series X|S



Phogs! – December 3

Play as a duo of dogs on a captivating, puzzle-filled adventure. Linked by a stretchy belly, you’ll need to bark, bite, and bounce your way through obstacles set across the themed worlds of Food, Sleep and Play, in co-op or single-player.


Phogs! – December 3



VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action – December 3 – Windows 10 PC

VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action is a booze em’ up about waifus, technology, and post-dystopia life. You are a bartender at VA-11 HALL-A, affectionately nicknamed “Valhalla.” Although it is just a small bar downtown, it attracts the most fascinating people this side of dystopia. Keep your clients lubricated and you will be made privy to the most interesting stories.


VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action – December 3 – Windows 10 PC



Wildfire – December 3

Master the elements in this stealth game where everything burns. Use your elemental powers to start fires, freeze water, and move earth as you outsmart superstitious enemies in this mischievous 2D stealth game.


Wildfire – December 3



Wonder Blade – December 3

What do you get when you cross a whimsical adventure, humorous characters, and combat to die for? Wonder Blade! It’s an awesome experience you won’t soon forget so grab that trusty weapon of yours, free the princess, and save the world — all before breakfast.


Wonder Blade – December 3



Darq: Complete Edition – December 4 – Xbox One X Enhanced

Embark on a journey through Lloyd’s dreams that quickly turn into a loop of nightmares. The boy’s main priority is to wake up, but unfortunately, each attempt sinks him deeper into his lucid subconscious-driven dreams. Lloyd must adapt to the new world, re-learn gravity, strain all his senses and mind to solve puzzles and sneak past the creatures guarding the corners of Darq.


Darq: Complete Edition – December 4 – Xbox One X Enhanced



Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition – December 4 – Xbox Play Anywhere / Xbox Game Pass

This definitive edition includes the critically acclaimed Dragon Quest XI, plus additional scenarios, orchestral soundtrack, 2D mode and more! Whether you are a longtime fan or a new adventurer, this is the ultimate DQXI experience. Embark upon an epic adventure as The Luminary: the chosen one in a world that vows to hunt him down. Along with his band of loyal companions, you’ll work together to overthrow the dark forces that plot to plunge the world of Erdrea into chaos.


Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition – December 4 – Xbox Play Anywhere / Xbox Game Pass



Duck Life Adventure – December 4

Design your own duck and embark on an epic adventure! Explore an enormous new area to find training dojos, shops, and ducks to race and battle. Play 16 new training games to level up your duck in 8 skills and become the greatest duck adventurer ever.


Duck Life Adventure – December 4



Guntastic – December 4

A fast-paced couch and online arena brawler with comically violent, one-shot one-kill battles that last for just 25 seconds – after which anyone who is still alive is forcibly eliminated. Explode your friends in this frantic homage to the 16-bit coin-op games of the past.


Guntastic – December 4



JCB Pioneer Mars – December 4

Experience incredible survival sandbox gameplay and explore Mars using a selection of futuristic, ultra-rugged JCB vehicles designed specifically for the challenge. Mine precious materials, construct large-scale buildings and research new technologies to ensure humanity’s future lies beyond planet Earth.


JCB Pioneer Mars – December 4



John Wick Hex – December 4

Featuring a unique blend of strategic time-based action, John Wick Hex captures the feel of the tactical combat from the films and blurs the line between the strategy and action video game genres. Players must make quick decisions and choose every action and attack they make, all the while considering their immediate cost and consequences.


John Wick Hex – December 4



Nine Witches: Family Disruption – December 4

When an occult German WWII division releases an ancient curse upon the world, a supernatural problem is going to require a supernatural solution. Take control of two playable heroes as they embark on a comedic, alternate-history adventure with a truly original story. Play the demo today.


Nine Witches: Family Disruption – December 4



Ruinverse – December 4

Follow Kit, a kind-hearted transporter, and his vivacious childhood friend Allie as they team up with a third-rate swindler, a quack physician, and a ditzy dwarf to travel the world in their quest to save Allie from a plight that threatens her very existence while experiencing their moments of triumph and hardship in what is sure to be an unforgettable journey for RPG fans everywhere.


Ruinverse – December 4



Shoot 1UP DX – December 4

With your home world destroyed, lead your detached battalion’s charge by destroying the mechanical-tentacle hybrid attack forces responsible for your pain. Play through 8 challenging shoot-em up stages, complete with branching paths, nasty bosses, and secret powerups.


Shoot 1UP DX – December 4



Sleepin’ Deeply – December 4

In this new chapter of The Guy, you’ll be challenged with new puzzles generated by the surreal dreams of the protagonist. You’ll encounter the weirdest of the living beings as you go deeper and deeper into his subconscious. This time to wake him up you’ll need all your skills.


Sleepin’ Deeply – December 4



Steampunk Tower 2 – December 4

Steampunk Tower 2 is an action-strategy game set in the alternative Steampunk universe. In Lord Bingham’s military service there is a new secret weapon under your command, the gigantic aircraft Carrier transporting the Battle Tower.


Steampunk Tower 2 – December 4


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