New Super Lucky’s Tale review

New Super Lucky’s Tale tells the story of Lucky Swiftail who’s on a quest to help his sister, Lyra, protect the Book of Ages which holds entire worlds and characters. Unfortunately, for Lucky, Jinx the cat and his crew, the Kitty Litter, is looking to get in his way. Lucky will need to overcome various obstacles and solve various puzzles to find all the book’s pages and return things to normal.

New Super Lucky’s Tale is a platformer at its core, but it also features a handful of gameplay variety. While each level has the same goal, reach the end and grab the page, some levels will feature 3D exploration, others; 2D platforming, auto-scrollers; so the game offers a surprisingly diverse set of mechanics in order to avoid certain repetitiveness.

Obviously, the game features a bit more than going from start to finish. Earning pages can be done in a few ways. Each level will require players to obtain 300 coins, find a hidden page, collect the letters to spell out Lucky and obviously reach the end to earn your page. Along with rewarding players with a new page, collection 300 coins also results in Lucky earning an extra life. Each world has a boss with is unlocked when collecting the set amount of pages. To open the door to the boss fight, you don’t need to achieve 100% completion for each level. Once the door is ready to be opened, you can head to battle and subsequently reach the next world.

Speaking of boss battles, they’re definitely one of the game’s high points. Each battle is unique in their requirements to defeat the member of the Kitty Litter. Additionally, as you progress further in the game, each boss battle will progressively increase in difficulty by adding an additional layer of challenge beside the typical jump on it 3 times to kill it. It’s fun and challenging, it also keeps players on their toes. Some younger players might require mommy or daddy’s help to get through some of them.

Lucky can jump and double-jump, use his tail for attacking and also flicking switches in order to activate platforms of solving puzzles which will allow players to progress forward to find secrets. Our furry hero can also run underground to reach otherwise unreachable areas or grab underground coins. Throughout each world, there are a few sewer-like entrances which will lead to puzzles to earn additional pages. Those puzzles are pretty simple as they require you to place pawns on specific surfaces.

New Super Lucky’s Tale looks and feels like a glorified Disney movie or Pixar short. It’s bright, colorful and full of unique, kid-friendly characters. Each level is also well designed and thought-out; 3D levels are reasonably big that players will want to explore every inch to make sure to fill the requirements but not so big that you can get lost or bored like in Mario 64 for example. The game also features a similarly cutesy soundtrack that matches its visible style. Characters also speak in some random unintelligible language. The main problem with the game is the atrociously long loading times when entering/leaving a level or respawning after a death.

I’ll be honest, New Super Lucky’s Tale took me by surprise. When it first came out under the Super Lucky’s Tale moniker, I kinda dismissed it as it looked generic. But the more I played New Super Lucky’s Tale. It’s easy to pick up and play, perfect for gamers of all ages, features a great variety of gameplay mechanics. The long load times can be annoying, but it doesn’t deter the whole experience. If you’re looking for something light, play New Super Lucky’s Tale. It’s definitely worth your time.

  • 90%
    CX Score - 90%



  • Easy to play
  • Great gameplay variety


  • Long loading times

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