New patch set next month for Truck Driver

SOEDESCO announced a new path will be available sometime next month for Truck Driver. This will be the game’s 6th patch which will bring a bevy of improvement. The patch trailer can be seen below.

The upcoming patch adds improvements to AI vehicles and pedestrian AI seeing as the groundwork for the completely new AI system has been implemented resulting in more realistic AI behaviors. Additionally, pedestrians are now crossing the streets and reacting to traffic. This new AI system will be further enhanced in the future.

This patch also sees the Unity engine getting an upgraded from version 2017.4 to version 2019.2 which adds smoother frame rates, less stutters and it’s easier now to add new features and content for development studio Kokku. Furthermore, the patch includes two new purchasable garages, a force feedback sensitivity slider, several UI improvements, and some smaller quality of life features and fixes.

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