New Character Added to 3on3 FreeStyle

Joycity added a new face to 3on3 FreeStyle. Deacon, a former martial artist, brings his aggressiveness to the game by chasing every win.

Like other characters, Deacon has his unique Rage Skill which increases his abilities and enhances his skill effects. His in-your-face playstyle and skills add a layer of strategy and challenge.

Along with this new character, Joycity launched the Character Stat Boost Event where players can earn various rewards by simply levelling up their characters during the event. If a player acquires Deacon right after the official release, premium missions can be unlocked to receive even more rewards.

Players can still participate in the on-going Battle Pass 2020 Autumn Season where, by completing different missions and raising their Battle Level, they can earn useful items to aid in character progression.

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