Monster Truck Championship rolls onto Xbox One this week

NACON and TEYON will be releasing Monster Truck Championship on October 20th for Xbox One.

Monster Truck Championship is a monster truck racing simulation featuring various different competitions across 25 stadiums and circuits across the USA. As with any racing sim, players will need to master the vehicle physics in order to pull off impressive and realistic tricks.

Monster Truck Championship faithfully reproduces the unique feeling of driving each of the 16 powerful motor vehicles: independent front and rear wheel control, mass transfer anticipation in bends and predicting bounces after jumps.

The game features five different types of events: Race, where you try to finish in first place after completing a certain number of laps against eight other drivers; Time-Trial, in which you try to set new time records; Drag Races, where you compete against one other driver on a small section of the track; Freestyle, in which you try to perform as many spectacular tricks as possible; and Destruction, which rewards you for destroying as many obstacles as possible.

Career mode will let players take part in various tournaments, upgrade their vehicles after wins, and manage their team and finances; all of this on your way to obtain the ultimate prize: become the Professional League Champion at the Monster Truck Finals.

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