Monster Truck Championship Gameplay Trailer

NACON and TEYON studio have released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming monster truck sim, Monster Truck Championship, which is set to release this October on Xbox One.

Monster Truck Championship is a unique simulation where players climb aboard a giant truck to take part in various competitions. Taking a realistic approach to driving rather than an arcade-game style, Monster Truck Championship gives players the chance to pull off believable aerial and ground moves by learning the unique physics of these vehicles.

Monster Truck Championship will feature five game modes: Race, Time-trial, Drag Races, Freestyle and Destruction. The game can also be played from the cockpit camera and experience the carnage first hand. Players can expect 25 circuits across the USA and 16 customizable trucks. And also seeing as they aim for a monster truck sim, expect realistic handling and physics, including independent front- and rear-wheel control, and adjustment of different mechanical elements, such as suspensions, gearbox and engine.

On top of the first aforementioned 5 modes, players will also be able to jump online with up to 8 players to total carnage.

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