Minoria Coming Next Month To Xbox One

DANGEN Entertainment will be bringing the Momodora series’ spiritual sequel, Minora, to Xbox One on September 10th.

Minoria is a Metroidvania type game that takes place during the fourth Witch War, a time of fanatical religious fervor. The Sacred Office, a powerful organization leading an Inquisition against heresy, purges the sinners who threaten humanity. Those responsible for conducting a mysterious ceremony that contradicts the rules of the Church are labeled witches.

Players assume the role of Sister Semilla, a missionary from the Church who has been tasked with purifying the said evil witches that have befallen their sacred land. With the help of Sister Fran, she sets out on a mission to hunt down the witches but soon realizes things are not as they seem. On her journey, she will have to navigate the dungeons of Ramezia, do battle with cunning monsters, topple huge bosses, interact with a cast of NPCs, even escape imprisonment in order to complete her final mission.

rdein, lead game designer for Bombservice, siad:

Minoria marked the first time I’ve worked on a game set in a new universe in a long time. It felt like a breath of fresh air! That said, Minoria does contain some similarities with my previous projects, especially Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight. I really hope console players will enjoy the story and characters we’ve prepared in Minoria.

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