Lost Wing Out Now

2Awesome Studio has released BoxFrog Games’ ship flying game, Lost Wing via its 2Awesome Partners initiative. The game is now available on Xbox Marketplace for 7.99€.

Lost Wing has players aboard a super-fast ship where they’ll be required to fly through brutal environments. The game features a bevy of challenges, ships, enemies and traps.

Lost Wing combines shooting and flying at super high speed. Race through a huge variety of tracks, dodging and shooting everything in your way, if you manage to reach the end goal, you’ll go head-to-head with a boss. Survive the encounter and be rewarded with a massive point bonus. Storm your way through three unique worlds, beat each stage, and destroy the bosses! Featuring an original electronic soundtrack, multiple play modes, stages, ships, and weapons.

Tim Ash, Director of BoxFrog Games said:

With Lost Wing we wanted to mix the speed of the Wipeout series with shooting gameplay inspired on Tempest and the tension-aggression feeling of games like Thumper. In the end Lost Wing is better than the sum of it parts, a shot of pure unadulterated adrenaline,

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