Kid Tripp review

Kid Tripp has crashed on a mysterious island which has angered the local wildlife whom are now out to get him. Tripp will have to escape the savage stampede by going through 20 levels of platforming hell. Will you ensure Kid’s escape?

Kid Tripp is a 2D auto-run platformer meaning that you don’t have full control of the character; Kid will run endlessly; the only way to stop is to hit block which will stop him mid-run. All you can do is jump to avoid enemies and traps. You can also throw stones to eliminate possible threats standing in your way. You can also swim in the water, but careful as it’s also easy to stuck because seeing as you don’t control the movement, you cannot go back.

Much like the Super Mario Bros series, Tripp can collect coins through every level. Coins have two fundamental characteristics: they allow you to continue after being game over as the game will take away all of your coins to allow you to continue in the level you died. The other thing being is if you survive long enough to collect enough coins, you’ll be rewarded with an additional life.

This game will definitely work on your buttoning skills as well as your patience. Early levels are simple and easy enough, however, the difficulty ramps up pretty quickly as the game will quickly add moving platforms and enemies that fire projectiles (to name a few) to hinder you on your way. Thankfully, levels aren’t too long so dying doesn’t feel that frustrating; it makes you learn from your mistakes.

Kid Tripp looks great as a 2D platformer; I could’ve easily seen myself play this way back when during the wonderful NES era. Also, it feels like the game’s levels were inspired a bit by the famous plumber’s games theme wise for the various worlds. The developers did a great job of ensuring that each world looks and feels different. The soundtrack, while enjoyable and fitting, is nothing special.

Despite its auto-run mechanic, Kid Tripp is an addictive, fun albeit frustrating 2D platformer. Some levels will require practice in order to learn enemy and obstacle placement in order to prepare yourself properly. While I would’ve liked it better as a standard platformer, this is a unique bite-size game for those looking for a quick challenge.

  • 75%
    CX Score - 75%



  • Intense boss encounters
  • Great combat


  • Way too short
  • Slow character movement
  • Annoying menu navigation

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