It’s time to cut through that ice in World of Warships: Legends

The highlight of the update is undoubtably the new Big Mamie campaign. Featured as the final reward for this long campaign, the Premium Tier VII Battleship Massachusetts (affectionately known as “Big Mamie”) is a World War II American classic. One of the South Dakota-class battleships, she is armed with nine 16-inch (406mm) guns and has excellent armor protection. Plus, she has an effective battery of secondary guns, unique for a US battleship. In real life, she is preserved as a museum ship in Fall River, MA. For the first time, this campaign also has a second premium ship — the Japanese light cruiser Yahagi. Fast and well-armed for Tier IV, the Yahagi is available at milestone 40 of the campaign. The Big Mamie campaign will run for six weeks and has 120 milestones to reach, lots to do over the holidays!


World of Warships: Legends

In the background, there’s a special event running throughout the update to collect unique Icebreaker Coins for even more rewards, including the Tier VII Russian battleship Lenin. Renowned for its icebreaker armor along the bow, this ship is tough and mounts nine 16-inch guns in a forward arrangement similar to the British battleship Nelson. There is also some gear available alongside three rental Legendary-tier ships: Conqueror, Worcester, and Gearing! You can collect Icebreaker coins by participating in the various holiday events, such as the new season of Ranked battles, fighting in or against Legendary-tier ships, opening Super Santa Containers, or by finishing Icebreaker Havoc missions that become available after finishing the Big Mamie campaign.

Speaking of Ranked Battles, they have changed the rules around to shake things up! This time, you can partake in competitive 5v5 battles with a limit of one destroyer per team. It will be an intense season, with each player’s actions having a larger impact on the team’s outcome.

World of Warships: Legends

The devs are also remembering a dramatic battle in the northern Atlantic this December—the Battle of North Cape. A special bureau project is available to unlock unique ice-covered arctic skins for three ships: the Scharnhorst, Duke of York, and Edinburgh. Duke of York and Scharnhorst fought each other during the confrontation, and ultimately the British ship won out the harsh duel. Although she wasn’t involved in the battle, Edinburgh is closely related to the Belfast, another ship that fought in the battle and is available to all players. Be sure to start this project as soon as you can, it will only be available until February 1st.

The Holiday update is bringing a much-requested feature in the form of an in-game armor viewer! You can now see the layout and thickness of each ship’s armor in-game to help you create builds and counter strategies to maximize the effectiveness of your ships in battle.

World of Warships: Legends

Brace yourselves for an event filled holiday season in World of Warships: Legends and keep turning the tide!

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