Inertial Drift Game Modes Trailer

Ahead of the game’s September 11th release date, publisher PQube and developer Level 91 Entertainment released a new trailer for their drift-heavy 1-on-1 arcade racer, Inertial Drift, which showcases the game’s various game modes.

Here’s a handy list of the game modes included in Inertial Drift:

  • Practice: Choose a vehicle and a track and get to know the game.
  • Ghost Battle: Race against ghosts of other players.
  • Time Attack: Record the fastest lap.
  • Race: Pretty self-explanatory. Go head-to-head with other racers across the game’s 20 circuits.
  • Duel: Fill you bar by creating distance between you and another driver. The first player with its bar full, wins
  • Endurance: Reach the checkpoint before the timer runs out.
  • Style: chain up moves for a greater reward, but careful as crashing will penalize you.

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