How To Catch a Nexomon?

PQube and VEWO Interactive Inc. have released three new gameplay trailers for their upcoming Nexomon: Extinction which is currently slated for an August 28th release date for Xbox One.

The first trailer shows how to catch a Nexomon. It can be done via mini-game, various types of food, traps or any other yet to be announced methods. Players will have to analyse which treats the Nexomon you are hunting likes to eat, which trap is most effective against their elemental type and practice the minigame to master the art of taming Nexomons.

The next trailer showcases the game’s world where you’ll join the Tamer’s Guild in order to fight against the mighty Tyrant Nexomon who are devastating the world. The game will also feature a bevy of side-quests.

And finally, meet the quirky cast of characters of the upcoming RPG where you’ll come across an honest sense of hunor, sarcasm and breaking the fourth wall:

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