God Tsukuyomi Comes Out From The shadow’s in Smite’s Latest Update


Tsukuyomi demands order and perfection, and those who don’t bend will have their lives forfeited for the greater good. He doesn’t view himself as evil, simply that without such order the world will descend into chaos. In his mind, might makes right.



Tsukuyomi’s kit matches his personality as he keeps his distance until it is the right moment to strike, fitting well into his assassin class. Focused around using ninja-like abilities, Tsukuyomi channels moon magic through his twin tonfa weapons. He assaults enemies with shurikens and crescent ranged attacks, cutting off escape paths with caltrops. Enemies who get too close risk being disarmed and stunned by a kusari-gama. He excels at keeping a distance until he is ready to finish his targets.

His ultimate causes him to channel pure moonlight, shooting 4 beams of light from his fingertips. Enemies hit are marked and after all shots are fired he quickly dashes through all enemies hit, jumping back and forth between his targets dealing damage faster than anyone can see.



This update also continues the Avatar: The Last Airbender Battle Pass. Don’t forget that all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can get the Smite x Avatar Starter Pass for free as part of the Xbox Game Pass Perks program. This bundle includes the gods featured in the Battle Pass (Merlin, Susano, and Skadi), their voice packs, 3,000 Battle Pass Points, and a Daily Deal Token.

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