Go Joy Riding in Fortnite

Before you jump in the driver’s seat, here’s the run-down of the new drivable vehicles on the Island. As long as the car isn’t booted, the keys are waiting for you in the ignition.

Islander PrevalentThe spirit of responsibility.


Fortnite Joy Ride Update


Victory Motors WhiplashIt’s not just a name. It’s a warning.


Fortnite Joy Ride Update


OG BearDon’t poke the bear.


Fortnite Joy Ride Update


Titano MudflapOwn the road.


Fortnite Joy Ride Update


If you’d like a distraction, blast some tunes on the channel that fits your vibe with all-new radio stations. And if you’re a Content Creator, remember that you can disable Licensed Audio in the Audio settings.

Also, here’s a tip to take with you on the road (or the off road): if you find yourself with no Gas Pump nearby, you can fuel up with one of the throwable Gas Cans scattered around the Island. These can be refilled at any Gas Pump you find later.

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