Get ready to Bite the Bullet

Classic run-and-gun platformers are beloved for their fast-paced action and challenging gameplay, but Bite the Bullet offers a tasty twist. The developers at Mega Cat Studios designed Bite the Bullet as a run and gun and eat. In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, you play a human-ghoul hybrid that blasts and eats its way through fields of enemies.

This eating mechanic has an enormous influence over game strategy because every dietary decision influences your skill tree, weapon options, and character abilities. To add even more flavor, Mega Cat Studios included guest appearances from some of the world’s biggest competitive eaters and chefs. These culinary icons offer unique power-ups.


Bite the Bullet


Character Classes and Dietary Decisions

Game developers traditionally use food in video games as character power-ups or health elixirs. In Bite the Bullet, however, your diet influences everything. Pick from four character classes:

  • Gorivore: Eat robots and metal objects
  • Slaughterer of the Soil: Eat plants
  • A Smorgasbord: Eat zombies
  • I See, I Eat: Eat everything.

Character classes directly influence your abilities throughout the game. When you’re A Smorgasbord, for example, one power-up turns your enemies into explosive corpses after they die to deliver extra damage to nearby enemies.


Bite the Bullet


Eating for Resources

Carbohydrates, fats, calories — they’re all important resources for building weapons. In addition to standard fare like assault rifles and rocket launchers, you can blast away at enemies with Gluten-Free Railguns, Family-Sized Shotguns, and the Critter Cannon (a bazooka that launches explosive critters).

Crafting takes place inside your stomach, which means the only way to use your new weapons is to vomit them up after you’re done modifying. Throwing up leaves you vulnerable to enemy attacks, and it also drains you of valuable resources you’ve gathered. Craft strategically!


Bite the Bullet


Eating also influences your physical abilities. By eating enough of your enemies, you transform into a Zombro, a powerful version of yourself with invulnerability. Eat too much fat, and you’ll grow obese, making you slow and sluggish but also durable. By understanding how diet impacts overall gameplay, you can add Zombro, obesity, and various skill tree perks into your strategy.

Inspiration from the Culinary World

Eating is fast and aggressive, just like in professional eating competitions. Mega Cat Studios was inspired by some of the world’s best professional eaters, some of whom make an appearance in the game.

Miki Sudo won Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest six years in a row. She’s hidden in the game to offer you a pie shield — a swirling buffet of pie slices that protect you from enemies. Fellow athletes like LA Beast (best known for his YouTube channel where he eats things like light bulbs and cacti) and Crazy Legs (who has appeared on “The Tonight Show”) also pop in with gifts.


Bite the Bullet


World-renowned chefs are also tucked inside Bite the Bullet to offer one-of-a-kind power-ups. Look for chefs like Chris Cosentino (famous for winning “Top Chef Masters”), Ming Tsai (a restaurateur and TV personality), and Kwame Onwuachi (a “Top Chef”contestant).

Mega Cat Studios has developed a unique approach to the run and gun genre. The alterations in gameplay ensure the experience feels fresh and fun while honouring run and gun classics. Play Bite the Bullet today on Xbox One!


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