Cthulhu aka as The Great Dreamer, wakes and brings chaos to Smite


Who is this eldritch deity, and how will his arrival impact the world of Smite? Cthulhu is the High Priest of the Great Old Ones, a race of cosmic entities that was ancient before the Earth was formed. Cthulhu lay sleeping in his underwater prison of R’yleh for untold ages, safely submerged in the darkest depths of the oceans as man unknowingly traversed the waves above. But even in ageless sleep, Cthulhu’s power affected humankind, causing discomfort and despair for those who were touched by his dreams. And now he will awaken, and the gods of Smite will be tested like never before.


Smite - Cthulu


Cthulhu has a rich literary history, and it was important for the creator’s of the game to stay true to those depictions for his representation in Smite. His traditional physical descriptions — as a fierce and intimidating monster with an iconic squid head and wide, leathery wings – informed his visual design as a playable God in Smite, while his ability to inspire madness in those who encounter him were the basis for his ability kit.

So how did the Smite team translate Cthulhu’s ability to instil fear and insanity into his gameplay on the battleground of the gods? They first started with the insanity aspect as the basis for his kit. In Smite, Cthulhu has the ability to drive rival gods insane, causing them to experience a unique set of audio and visual confusion effects. The madness of his enemies only makes Cthulhu stronger, eventually allowing him to “break” other Gods who are under his influence, allowing him to become even more powerful every time he does so! Cthulhu’s sheer size is just as terrifying as his appearance and mental powers, which is why the team designed his ultimate ability to integrate the idea of Cthulhu being a truly gargantuan entity. Activating The Great Dreamer’s ultimate changes his visual appearance and allows him to increase in size to become the largest playable God ever in Smite!


Cthulhu Vs. Zeus


Cthulhu needed to be terrifying to behold and lots of fun to play, but the developer’s of this fantastic title were also intent on weaving his introduction in with the grand storyline of Smite. Being immortal and all-powerful, the deities of Smite rarely need to consider the repercussions of their actions. In the current storyline, the gods are racing to prevent a plot launched by Persephone to poison the World Tree and spread corruption throughout the land. Little do they know that an even greater evil is about to threaten not only the battleground of the gods and its surrounding realms, but the very minds of the gods that vie for control of those realms! The gods have often fought and defeated enemies who rely on brute force and raw physical power to wreak havoc, but can they triumph over the darkness hidden within their own minds?

But Cthulhu isn’t just entering the world of Smite: he’s bringing part of his submerged prison of R’yleh with him! Starting with this update, jump right into the action in the updated Cthulhu-themed Arena map, perfect for new players who are learning how to achieve victory on the battleground of the gods or existing players who want to start mastering Cthulhu immediately. This newly updated map allows you to get a glimpse of the madness-inducing sunken city in which Cthulhu was imprisoned before he broke free to wreak chaos on the Battleground!

Cthulhu, The Great Dreamer, has awoken! Play him now in Smite: The Battleground of the Gods, and find out what happens when The Great Dreamer awakes!

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