Celebrate Shark Week with Maneater

In order to celebrate Shark Week, Tripwire Interactive rewards Maneater players with Tiger Shark Adaptation which is available to download for free!

Named after the legendary Tiger Shark, often referred to as the garbage can of the sea, this evolution provides extra nutrients when consuming prey in addition to providing a sharply striped cosmetic upgrade. To equip the Tiger Shark Adaptation, players can visit the nearest Grotto, and select the Tiger Shark Adaptation under Body evolutions.

John Gibson, CEO, and Co-owner at Tripwire Interactive said:

We couldn’t be happier with the overwhelmingly positive response to Maneater we’ve seen from players around the world, […] Clearly, people are hungry for more, and while it’s too soon to go into great detail, I can promise that you haven’t seen the last of Maneater – our team is working on something extra special to share with fans.

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