BH Trials launches next week

Spain-based independent studio, Pico Sacro Games, will be releasing its quirky game, BH Trials, on Xbox One on Friday, October 23rd for $11.99.

BH Trials is a physics obstacle course game where the player drives a digger with no transmission, steering or brakes; you can only control the articulated arm. Use the two sticks just like in a real digger, in a surreal sport of digger parkour.

The game’s puzzles will push players to think outside the box as nothing is conventional. The single-player campaign features more than 20 courses. Players can also hunt hidden miniatures to access additional levels.

HB Trials also features a cooperative mode with up to three players where coordination is key, as each player controls one of the arms. Unlock the 4 cooperative areas and beat all 11 courses specifically crafted for co-op.

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