Arcade Spirits Now Available

Publisher PQube and developer Fiction Factory Games have released the romantic comedy Arcade Spirits onto the Xbox One. The game is available digitally and also as a physical edition. The game was positively received for PC scoring an average of 81% on Metacritic making it one of the most well-received recent visual novels worldwide.

Arcade Spirits is a romantic comedy visual novel which follows an alternate timeline set in the year 20XX where the 1983 video game crash never occurred. After losing your job, you find a new future at the Funplex, a popular arcade, hosts of unique personalities and customers. Design your own character from the ground up – pronoun, hairstyle, skin tone, hair color, eye color and more are completely customizable and are reflected throughout the game in both gameplay and artwork.

Where will this new-found path in life take you? Who will you meet along the way? Will you find the romance you’re seeking? Your choices will grow your personality and relationships in any way you desire; Friendship, platonic or something more intimate.

Thanks to the Identity Identifier System, or IRIS, players can track their relationship statuses with all characters as well as your personality traits, from Quirky, Steady, and Kindly, to Gutsy and Basically.

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