A Cursed Desert and a Devil’s Tooth, Black Desert

No ordinary Adventurer can just take on the Red Paladins – only those level 53 or higher have the power to take down these fearsome foes. Together, you and Nimue can save the world of Black Desert from the madness of Red Paladins.

During your quest with Nimue, keep an eye out for otherworldly coins called Fey Coins. While these coins might seem like any other form of currency you might find in Drieghan or Calpheon, they are a rarity. Make sure to hold on to these coins while you adventure with Nimue, as they may be worth something to the right merchant. (Hint: check around Tarif – I’m sure you’ll find someone there…)

Should you find an interested party, your Fey coins can be exchanged for valuable items.


Fey Coin Cost Exchange For
x1 10 Cron Stones
x5 40 Advice of Valks
x9 60 Advice of Valks
x10 Tarif’s Gratitude Box, containing the mysterious Secret Book of Old Moon, A Blessing of Kamasylve, 100 Cron Stones


Ready to join in on the quest? Xbox adventurers will have their chance to experience the journey on August 5. However, act with haste! This mystical journey and the mythical rewards will only be available for a limited time. Come August 26, Nimue and the Red Paladins will vanish just as quickly and mysteriously as they appeared.

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