What’s new on Antstream Arcade this week

Antstream Arcade is the world’s first retro game subscription service. Players get instant access to 700+ classic games titles, global leaderboards and the ability to play snackable social challenges with friends or foes. Antstream Arcade makes it possible for you to stream hundreds of classic video games directly to your computer, tablet or console. No installs, downloads and no waiting – just jump straight into the action!

If your not familiar with Antstream Arcade then read our feature about the service below, and if you not sure where to find Antstream Arcade on your Xbox, then use the search button, or look in Apps section on the Xbox store!

Antstream: A retro gamer’s paradise on Xbox One

We at Complete Xbox love our games, so we thought we’d give you a heads with the new arrivals launched on the Antstream Arcade service this week!

Horace and the Spiders: Spectrum

Alpine Games: Spectrum

Nightdawn: Amiga

Delta Patrol: Spectrum

Hunchback: C64

Borobodur Amiga

Armalyte: Competition Edition: C64

Oink: C64

Minskies Furballs: Amiga

World Trophy Soccer: Mega Drive

Street Hassle / Bad Street Brawler C64

Tinhead Mega Drive

Magic Girl: Mega Drive

Arabian Nights: Amiga

Final Zone: Mega Drive

Hungry Horace: Spectrum

Doctor What: Spectrum

Do you remember any of these titles? And how do you feel about playing them on your Xbox One? Let us know in the comments section below, or tweet us!

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