We Happy Few’s Final Expansion Out Now

Gearbox Publishing and Compulsion Games have released the final chapter of We Happy Few. The “We All Fall Down” add-on is currently available for $7,99 or is free for those who forked over the extra dough for the Season pass.

The latest add-on brings players back to the dark origins of the game’s drug-riddled world and eliminates survival mechanics in favor of fast-paced action and storytelling.

We All Fall Down follows Victoria Byng who has come to terms with the dark and twisted reality that was once hidden by the psychedelic drug, Joy. Whip in hand, Victoria sets out to rid Wellington Wells of Joy, saving the people from starvation and addiction. To accomplish her mission, she can maneuver around the city’s rooftops, use her whip in close combat, and stealthily take out opponents from afar with the new dart gun.

Here’s what Matt Charles, Head of Production, at Gearbox Publishing had to say:

We Happy Few has continued to evolve since its debut back in 2015. The team at Compulsion has been continually listening to player feedback and has taken the game to new heights throughout its development. We All Fall Down applies that feedback with a focus on deep storytelling and engaging gameplay. While this is the end of the story for Wellington Wells, we’re very proud to have helped bring We Happy Few to more fans around the world.

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