Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 announced

Ultimate Games S.A. has announced their plans to release Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 which is set for a 2021 release on Xbox One and Xbox Series X. The sequel is currently being developed by Polish studio MasterCode.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 will feature a bevy of new features such as:

  • Diverse fisheries based on real locations;
  • Maps with different seasons;
  • Various fishing techniques (spinning, float, ground, fly fishing, sea fishing, ice fishing, and surfcasting);
  • Several dozen types of fish;
  • A new dynamic water and fish AI systems;
  • First-person or third-person view;
  • New boats, skills, trophies;
  • Extended multiplayer mode;
  • Licensed fishing equipment (such as Sakura)
  • Simplified mode for new players

Here’s what Mateusz Zawadzki, CEO of Ultimate Games S.A., had to say:

The fishing game, which we published almost two years ago, was very warmly received by the players. In Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 we are going to provide fun at an even higher level. We are preparing many improvements and various brand-new features. They are largely based on the feedback from the community that has formed around our game, for which we would like to thank you. Ultimately, our simulator will set a new standard for fishing games

Rafał Jelonek, COO of Ultimate Games S.A. added:

Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 is a big step forward. Fish models, fisheries and equipment will stand out thanks to even greater attention to detail. The first installment of the game already distinguished itself thanks to a unique feature – the permanent physical presence of fish in the fishery, while in the competition’s games fish appeared only after casting the rod. However, we are planning more improvements and the introduction of a living fish system, based, among others, on the time of day. This way the fish will move around the entire fishery, but it will depend on some values. For example, a fish will move from point X to Y at feeding time, and during rest time it will seek shelter and swim from point Y to Z. We are also planning, among other novelties, assigning individual species of fish to different parts of the fishery, to reflect reality as much as possible. Thanks to this, predators could live in areas with dense vegetation, and e.g. carp would stick to places near the sandy bottom or hideouts made of tree branches. Such a thorough, reality-based approach will also be visible in other parts of the game

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