The Team

We’re lucky to have such a dedicated team at Complete Xbox, so without further ado here are the folk that make everything go smoothly.


Name: Jamie Tarren
Bio: Jamie is a dedicated writer with over 6 years of writing about games under his belt. Having been editor at Xboxer, he knows his way around most titles and will happily pick up any genre of game and waste the day away on it. Regularly expresses his desire for Lucozade.


Name: JJ Buckby
Bio: JJ is an avid games and sports fan. You can usually find him trying to hone his skills on Counter-Strike or using profound language when conceding a 90th minute goal on FIFA!


Name: Reece Mcardle
Bio: Reece has been gaming since the age of 4 beginning with Crash Bandicoot 3 on the PS1. He will play most games and is a found admirer of Arcade and indie games. His favourite video game character is Master Chief and drinks far too much Pepsi.

Name: Lee Reid

Bio: Lee has been gaming since he could physically hold a controller with his first console being the Sega Master System and he has since slowly upgraded his way through each console generation. He plays a variety of game genres where he has several favourite games in each although he openly admits to being a Bioware fanboy.

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