Tactical RPG Othercide announced

Focus Home Interactive and developer Lightbulb Crew have announced Othercide, a tactical RPG due to launch this summer.

Othercide has you square off against your nightmares and defend reality. While uncovering the secrets of the City and the Suffering that’s been bred there, you’ll command, develop, and then sacrifice an army of Daughters who are echoes of the greatest warrior ever.

Othercide also has a unique dynamic timeline system, so that you can queue up chains of moves. Your combat prowess will ultimately determine the fate of the Daughters, while forging their skills and personalities. Efficiency will be rewarded, while cowardly actions will be punished, and barely scraping out of a battle alive will leave permanent scars. By reliving Memories, you’ll also be able to change and improve your abilities.

Check out the announcement trailer below:

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