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As a gamer I’m all for trying new things and welcome any game to the world of Xbox. Having choice is so important for us gamers. We don’t always want to be playing shooters, sport titles or cute platformers. As a racing fan, when it comes to games, we don’t always want to be controlling a car round a track, achieving first place. As a gamer we have ample opportunity to play the same sort of game rehashed and polished slightly differently.

For example, a racing game is ultimately always going to be about achieving first place and we all know what we are going to get from a first-person shooter, likewise from a sport’s title. Sometimes we need something a little different, something original to keep the love and passion alive. Gaming can become stale really quickly when you don’t have variety and diversity across the brand, so it’s always refreshing to see new developers pop up and produce something rather niche and different.

Toplitz Productions have given Caipirinha Games the chance to showcase their game designing talents on the brand we all love. Police Chase represents Caipirinha Games first foray into the world of Xbox, known for their simulators on pc and having produced games on the Nintendo Wii and DS, it’s exciting to have a developer that obviously goes against the grain in terms of naturally strong genre’s across the mainstream consoles.

In police Chase you play the role of a newly recruited police detective named … As a police detective in Police Chase you will play through a series of missions, from behind the wheel of a police vehicle, be that in plain sight or undercover. Naturally you will be fighting crime from petty misdemeanour’s right the way through to thwarting terrorist plots and other crimes. It’s all about keeping the public safe or so they say.

Throughout the game’s campaign mode, you will meet informants, keep tabs and shadow suspects. Sometimes you will need to offer a service in exchange for said information, these are usually delivery missions. Delivery missions often are a time sensitive issue, so you best floor it! But remember public safety is imperative.

Police chase features three game modes, Campaign, Races, and Free Play. With unlockable vehicles being made available through a playthrough of the game’s story mode which is set in an open world, where courage, skill and fast reflexes will certainly be tested.

Sounds half decent right? After all, gaming allows us to live out dreams, and I bet at some point in your life, you must have wandered what it would be like to be part of the law!

Well, unfortunately Police Chase is not all about high speed chases and traditional police fighting forms, it’s rather a bit of a disappointment really. The game is more of a delivery simulator and a to and fro, do this do that, all from the perspective of driving a car.

First thing’s first, the campaign itself is substandard, it’s described as a captivating and tense story, but if I’m being completely honest, it’s a bit of a bore fest full of cheesy cliché comments, which you’ll be skipping through really quickly in order to get to the action.

I liked the comic book style presentation, and there is indeed a story there. It’s just not what you’re expecting and feels rather wooden as it all evolves around one thing, a bomb plot. As for doing any police work, it’s mainly just a A to B leg work and deliveries, mixed with a bit of police against police competition in some circuit racing. And as for police chases, well there are hardly any, which is shame considering the games choice of name “Police Chase”.

Graphically the game is poor, I certainly was expecting a little more for a console full release, but it’s not all about graphics, and it shouldn’t rule people’s decisions on the game. What’s more important is gameplay, and even then, the game fails dramatically at this. You will become bored quite quickly I’m afraid across its 15 not so tense missions.

Although the controls are simple and easy enough to get the hang of, the handling is dire, with cars sliding all over the place like they’re driving on a sheet of ice and the sense of speed is very out of touch and lame.

The sound effects are rather shocking, with no police siren available in-game, just flashing red and blue lights. I mean what’s a police car game without a siren. Criminal!

The other game modes on offer in Police Chase add very little replay value to the game, should you manage to get something credible from it. I suppose there is always gamerscore available but that won’t lure everyone.

From the name of the game, Police Chase sounded exciting, but what you are really getting from this game is a limited A to B driving experience that is definitely found wanting! It’s ashame because the Xbox store could really do with a real crime fighting police game, but I’m afraid this just doesn’t cut it.

CX Score
  • 24%
    Overall - 24%



  • You get to drive a police car
  • The races are okay


  • Car handling
  • Story is boring with hardly any police chases
  • No police siren, absolutely shocking

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