Paladins grow with season 3

It’s so exciting and refreshing to see a free to play game grow into a thing of beauty, adding more features to its splendour. It’s been a year of growth and promise for Paladins, an exciting 2019 which included four new champions, a variety of exciting Battle Passes, and a series of updates which brought more bug fixes and quality of life improvements than ever before.

2019 was most definitely the best year ever for Paladins, achieving its yearly goal in terms of new features and player numbers. But like all good game developers they’re never comfortable resting on our laurels.

So, if 2019 was so good, there’s only one goal for 2020– make it an even better year for Paladins, by smashing it into the ballpark. With this goal in mind, the developer’s behind the game have launched Season 3 alongside a brand new update (available now free on Xbox One), which includes so many changes and improvements that will hopefully contribute to a fantastic 2020, certainly it’s kicking off the new year with a bang, that’s for sure!

We think you’ll agree that the most exciting part of our first patch of 2020, A Tigron’s Tale, is the introduction of our newest Champion: Tiberius. Nicknamed The Weapon’s Master, Tiberius wields two unique weapons against his enemies: his throwing chakrams, which will bounce off of floors, walls, and ceilings, and a mystical sword. Discovered in an ancient temple and forged in ages immemorable, Tiberius’ blade is more than just a weapon: it’s an ally. Tiberius can throw his blade at enemies, then recall it back to his hand. Selecting his “Tigron’s Fury” ability allows Tiberius to do even more damage with his sword, causing it to explode when recalled.

Tiberius is a Tigron – a race of nomadic cat-people renowned for their agility and fighting prowess. In creating Tiberius, the game’s dev’s spent a lot of time creating a Champion that moved like a feline. This is most evident in Tiberius’ ultimate ability – actually two abilities in one. After activating his Ultimate, players can launch his Striking Tigron attack, causing Tiberius to quickly dash forward, dealing damage to any enemies in his path. Activating his Whirling Blades attack launches Tiberius into the air, blocking all incoming damage with his whirling sword and dealing damage to nearby enemies when he lands. Players can mix and match these attacks when activating his Ultimate, triggering them a total of 5 times for a variety of exciting combos.

It doesn’t matter how exciting the Champions are, Paladins wouldn’t be the game it is without its amazing community. To show appreciation for the games current player-base, and to allow them to have direct input in some of our content for 2020, the skins for the game’s very first Battle Pass this year are based on concepts submitted by Paladins community members which were then voted on by the players of Paladins. The Community Battle Pass features all new skins for some of the most popular Champions: Ska’drin Ash, Wukong Talus, Soul Briar Grover, and Dark Monarch Lian. These skins – and a Limited recolour of each – are part of our fist 2020 Battle Pass, which also features over 100 other rewards.

Last, but definitely not least, A Tigron’s Tale kicks off Season 3 for Paladins, which means a host of quality-of-life improvements, bug fixes, and balance changes. For example, character voice packs are now included for free with every skin purchase. Another addition is the Free crystals, which have grown in number with the Battle Pass – beginning with the Community Battle Pass, even players earning rewards on free track will earn more Crystals than ever before. The list of bug fixes and balance changes are too exhaustive to list here, but head on over to here for a full list of changes you’ll find in this patch.

Whether you’re already a member of the Paladins community, or are just playing for the first time, the games creators thank you for your support and hope that you’ll join the rest of the Paladins community in Season 3. The goal to make 2020 the best year ever for Paladins can only be achieved with the help of our amazing players (that’s you!).

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