No Man’s Sky arrives in June on Xbox Game Pass

Almost two years ago, The small team at Hello Games brought No Man’s Sky to Xbox One for the first time and introduced Xbox One players to there infinite, procedurally-generated universe. Given how avidly Xbox One owners love to play together, it was perhaps no coincidence that the Xbox One release coincided with the large Next update, which brought fully-fledged multiplayer to the game for the first time.

Since then, No Man’s Sky has seen countless travellers join forces to survive, explore, trade and base-build together, never more so than when  the Beyond update released (The games eighth major free update) in 2019.

Beyond, significantly improved the multiplayer experience with, among other additions, the introduction of the Anomaly, a multiplayer hub which can be summoned at any point in space and from which a huge array of cooperative missions can be embarked upon for in-game rewards.

Since then, Hello Games have continued to provide regular free updates to the game including the Living Ship update in February and the Exo-Mech update in April. And there’s plenty more to come.

It seems like a natural and timely step to announce today that next month, No Man’s Sky will come to Xbox Game Pass, opening up the games universe of possibilities to over 10 million Xbox Game Pass members who are just about to start their journey with the rest of us who currently adore this gem of a game.

In addition, we can also announce that next month Hello Games are bringing a Windows 10 PC version of No Man’s Sky to the Microsoft Store. Hello Games PC fan base has always been among there most active and devoted and we are pleased to be able to count Windows 10 PC gamers among them for the first time very soon.

For those who have already jumped into No Man’s Sky on Xbox One, the talent team behind the game would love to say thank you for being on this journey with them these past few years. The relatively small team have many more exciting things to come and we can’t wait to show you what they have been working on.

To those Xbox Game Pass members and Windows 10 PC gamers who have yet to explore the universe and perhaps see what your other Xbox friends have been doing all this time, we are excited to welcome you and hope the  devoted and welcoming community make you feel at home.

Prepare to embark on possibly the greatest journey of your gaming life!!!

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