New week, new games from 19th November

Welcome to back to our weekly weekend feature, where we a take a look at all the new games launching on the Xbox Store next week.

New week, new games is where we delve a little deeper, and give you a little info about the up and coming games released between 19th November and 22nd November. So, grab your coffee, cup of tea, or favourite beverage and look below.

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Munchkin: Quacked Quest

November 19

Xbox Play Anywhere – Dive into Munchkin: Quacked Quest and re-discover the parody, puns, and humour from the hit card game Munchkin by Steve Jackson. Gather gold, throw your foes (and friends) into sacrifice pits, collect ducks, eliminate the monsters—from reanimated skeletons to the Potted Plant and even the Plutonium Dragon—and reach the highest level to win the game!

Age of Wonders: Planetfall- Revelations

November 19

Xbox One X Enhanced – Included in the Season Pass, Revelations introduces the ancient Heritor Secret Technology, new campaign missions, location mechanics and more. Revelations is the first expansion from Triumph Studios for Age of Wonders: Planetfall, the turn-based strategy game with in-depth empire building.

We Happy Few: We All Fall Down

November 19

Xbox One X Enhanced – You’ve taken your Joy, but now it’s time to tear it all down in this final piece of handcrafted Season Pass content. Play as Victoria Byng, get a grip on her whip, and get the last word on the story of Wellington Wells. As Victoria reckons with her own withdrawals, the city slides deeper into Joy shortage and disorder. It’s always been Victoria’s duty to help keep things proper, but the closer she looks, the deeper the rot seems to run.

Titeuf: Mega Party 

November 21

The day before school started, Tootuff heard that it was possible to clone sheep by selecting the very best specimens. Terrified about the idea of being infinitely duplicated, Tootuff shares his concerns with his friends. Fortunately, Hugo always has a solution: if only the best are destined to be cloned, you just have to be as naughty as possible to avoid being chosen.

Farmer’s Dynasty

November 21

More than just an agricultural simulation: in Farmer’s Dynasty, you must rebuild your farm and develop your heritage, start a family, handle your relationships and, of course, manage your crops to prosper. By pre-ordering the game, you will receive the tractor your grandfather used and a special material for your farm’s roof.

Narcos: Rise of the Cartels 

November 22

Narcos: Rise of the Cartels is a brutal turn-based action strategy game based on the hit Netflix TV series. Explore the entire first season from two sides each with their own unique story. Join the narcos and expand the drug cartel empire, or take up arms with the DEA and bring it crumbling down


November 22

An atmospheric first-person narrative adventure set in a surreal seascape locked between ice and rock. Following an incident, you and a friend must find power, defeat strange and deadly creatures, and decipher what mysterious forces are attempting to prevent your escape. Escape together or die alone.

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine

November 22

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine is a wistfully imaginative game about travelling the land, sharing stories and surviving manifest destiny. Wander through a century of American folklore and history, encountering an eclectic cast of characters and exploring their deeply personal tales along the way.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts

November 22

Experience pure sniper gameplay across the harsh terrain of Siberia in a brand-new, contracts-based system that encourages strategic thinking, playing as a silent assassin within engaging, redeployable missions. With hundreds of ways to take down a wide range of targets, Contracts offers precise, strategic sniping gameplay at its absolute best.

Lost Ember

November 22

Explore a breathtakingly beautiful world that nature has claimed back from mankind. As a wolf with the power to inhabit and control other animals and with a trusted companion at your side, you’ll discover ruins of long forgotten civilisations and ancient cultures that tell a story of hope, loss, ambition, and failure.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

November 22

Xbox One X Enhanced – Originally created by legendary game designer Sid Meier, Civilization is a turn-based strategy game in which you attempt to build an empire to stand the test of time. Explore a new land, research technology, conquer your enemies, and go head-to-head with history’s most renowned leaders as you attempt to build the greatest civilization the world has ever known. Civilization VI for Xbox One includes the latest game updates and improvements and four pieces of additional content which adds four new civilizations, leaders, and scenarios.

G.R.E.E.N. The Life Algorithm

November 22

Humanity is an endangered species and only you can save it. Welcome to G.R.E.E.N. The Life Algorithm, an adventure through spectacular natural scenarios in which you will face the threats and challenges of lethal plants that dominate the earth. But beware, you can’t kill your enemies here, just petrify them and use them to your advantage, so choose wisely to survive.

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