New Warhammer 40K set game Necromunda: Underhive Wars announced

Warhammer 40k fans rejoice as there’s a new title coming from Rogue Factor and  Focus Home Interactive titled Necromunda: Underhive Wars.

The Wasteland and XCOM- esque title is a turn-based tactical game which has you fight rival gangs and upgrade your Escher gang with the best gear you can.

You can choose from either the Goliaths, a drug enhanced strong unit with a focus on pure strength or the Eschers, an all-female gang who specialise in selling drugs and chemicals throughout the Underhive. More gangs will be revealed in the coming months.

More closely focussed on your team, every member is highly customisable in loadout and appearance, and has access to a career which unlocks further skills, traits, weapons, and visual elements.
Be careful though, as deaths and injuries are permanent.

The title will also come with a Conquest Mode, offering an endless campaign featuring 4X mechanics between the turn-based battles. Fight over key territory to take complete control and prove your gang is the most fearsome on Necromunda. Then bring your unique gangs online, challenging other players in competitive multiplayer, and claim the Underhive for yourself.

Necromunda: Underhive Wars is due for launch later this year.

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