Maneater: 6 Creatures You’ll Eat for Dinner

Maneater launched today on Xbox One! And the good folks at Tripwire are extremely excited for players to jump into there fully realised open world ShaRkPG for the very first time. The world of Maneater contains entire ecosystems with tons of lively wildlife for your shark to munch on. And take it from us, you’re going to want to munch.



Starting out in the world as a poor little shark pup can feel daunting. Thankfully, all of those fish are just waiting to be your lunch. So we put together a little wildlife guide to help you get your sea legs during the first moments of Maneater.




Grouper – Nutrient(s): Fat

Grouper in Maneater can vary in size. They yield more health and nutrients the larger they are, but the biggest ones might not be as easy to scarf down! Once you get bigger you can eat them in one bite.




Catfish – Nutrient(s): Fat

Catfish are abundant in Maneater! If you find yourself low on health and need a pick-me-up, find the nearest catfish and get to chompin’.




Turtle – Nutrient(s): Fat, Mineral

It may seem a little cruel to bite down on an innocent sea turtle, but if you’re able to bite through their hard shells then you’ll find they’re packed with what you need to survive. Turtles are also great for throwing at things, once you get to Teen size you’ll get the whipshot ability! Just bite onto a turtle, hold it in your mouth, then hit your tail whip ability to throw that poor turtle at anything you want!




Muskellunge – Nutrient(s): Fat, Protein

Muskellunge can get pretty nasty if you get too close. Keep your ears open for their distinctive hisses. If you fight one off, you’re in for a tasty treat. Remember that with fast wildlife it’s best to let them make the first move. Wait for them to attack and dodge if you see them flashing afterward go in for the kill!



Alligator – Nutrient(s): Fat, Protein, Mineral

Watch out for these predators, as a baby they are far bigger than you and will most likely tear you apart. Their bite and tail is extremely dangerous. Try to keep your distance and wait for it to do it’s lunge grab attack and dodge it, if you pull it off the alligator will flash and be vulnerable. Whenever you see a predator flashing that’s when you should go in to attack.




Apex Alligator – Evolution: Amphibious / Nutrient(s): Fat, Protein, Mineral

The Apex Alligator is the king of the game’s first area. He’s a tricky one to fight for sure, but once you learn to predict his attacks, you’ll turn him into Gator Stew. If it’s too hard to beat, try doing other quests and eating more things to grow bigger and raise your level before fighting her again. Beating this Apex Predator will give you an Evolution – Amphibious. What does this do you ask? It lets you survive longer and move faster on land! This will allow you to eat all those tasty humans on the beach or even the golf course!


Happy Food Hunting!!!

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