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Lonely Mountains: Downhill – new launch trailer reveals night mode

Lonely Mountains: Downhill is due to launch on Xbox One and through Xbox Game Pass on 23rd October, which will cost just £17.99 for non-Game Pass owners. The developers Megagon Industries have also revealed the game’s night mode in a new launch trailer.

Starting life as a Kickstarter, Lonely Mountains: Downhill is about just you and the mountains. Start from the top of a trail and explore your way to the finish line. Once you’ve grown comfortable with that, you can brave all the rocks, trees, and narrow corridors to speed through as fast as possible to set a new record time on the leaderboards?. Otherwise, you can be all about perfection and exploration, seeing what all the mountain has to offer while trying to perfectly reach the bottom with zero crashes on record. It’s a game that offers plenty of choice in the routes you take.

Night mode  adds a headlight to your bike to light your path whilst everything else is dark and difficult to see. Check out the trailer below to see more of the challenge that awaits.

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