Jumanji The Video Game is out today

Jumanji The Video Game, based on the movie which takes place inside a videogame, is now available digitally and at retail for Xbox One.

As you follow the words of your guide Nigel, players will set off on an adventure which sees players take on the role of Jumanji’s greatest heroes: Dr. Smolder Bravestone, Ruby Roundhouse, Franklin “Mouse” Finbar and Professor Shelly Oberon. As our group of heroes, players will fight their way through waves of deadly marauders and dangerous creatures in order to find the precious Jewels of Jumanji.

Players will be able to choose their hero and use their unique abilities and weapons to survive across various areas such as nderground catacombs, winding city alleyways; among others. Jumanji The Video Game can be played solo or with friends online or via split-screen.

Here’s what Outright Games CEO Terry Malham had to say:

The day has finally come to release Jumanji: The Video Game into the wild and we couldn’t be more excited. Since the beginning of the project we’ve been dedicated to bringing the fun filled, epic adventure from these iconic films to our video game and can’t wait for the world to be part of the action

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