Journey to the future in 7th Sector’s Cyberpunk world

Below is some insight by Noskov Sergey, (Developer, 7th Sector) in to a fascinating game named 7th Sector, the game looks ace, and is just as appealing as it is intriguing, it’s certainly on track to be a winner for gaming fans.

7th Sector has become a window into the dark fantasy world of the future, not only for the player, but also for me. This project was very interesting and challenging experiment in my practice of game development. Many of the elements and techniques that I used in previous projects were not applicable here, and it was necessary to study a lot of new material.

Development of the game is not just a job to create a product; it is a lifetime! In the process, you are completely immersed in a virtual world, in each location, worry about the characters and experience a huge variety of emotions.

Initially, the game was conceived as a short arcade game without an in-depth plot and semantic load. But in the future, the project grew into a full-fledged story with a thoughtful game world, the elements of which are not always obvious at first glance. Devil in the details! In the universe of the game 7th Sector is a powerful corporation that specializes in the development of a military nature – robotics and weapons. The background of each location lives its own life and can tell the player a lot about what secrets this mysterious organization hides.

The study of canonical works on the topic of cyberpunk and the dystopian future gave great inspiration in the work on the project. Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner” had a special influence on the atmosphere of the universe. Rain, bright neon light and foggy metropolis with numerous high-rise buildings and flying supercars. All this will accompany the player, seeking to find the answers and solve the intricate puzzles encountered on the way!”

I for one am excited by 7th Sector, set in a mysterious cyberpunk world. Get ready to Immerse yourself on this intricate path, solving different puzzles, facing its dangers, and collecting scattered information to discover the story of this world. Gain control over several different characters, each with their own abilities that can help you navigate the world’s devices and machinery. Some of your choices and actions will determine the ultimate ending of the game.

The game has received awards through its development for Best Indie Game (DevGAMM 2019) and Excellence in Visual Art (DevGAMM 2019), so it’s all bodes well for the release of the game, out February 5th 2020.

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