Giant Ducks have been spotted in World of Warships: Legends


April Fool’s is fast approaching and we could all use a laugh at the moment, so get ready to join in some light-hearted, yet oh-so competitive battles across the water in this year’s April Fool’s event in World of Warships: Legends.

Starting March 23rd and running through till April 23rd, this exciting event gives players the chance to prove their skills in the Duck of War game mode.



In Duck of War, daring captains will compete against each other in a no-holds-barred, 12-way free for all. To spur on the competition, successful captains will earn “ducks” and climb the Duck of War leaderboard. There are special rewards for reaching the top, such as a unique patch for the top 10% of captains on the leaderboard. The scores will reset each week of the event to allow captains multiple opportunities to reach the top. Each week the rewards will change too, make sure not to miss them!



Duck of War players will command the Ultra Cruiser, an amped-up warship designed to do battle in the bathtub, err, Duck of War event map. There are two variants of Ultra Cruiser available, one with an aggressive forward-firing torpedo, another with a defensive, aft-firing torpedo. The tremendous speed of the Ultra Cruiser makes battles in the Duck of War intense and chaotic—only the best will make it through.



This April Fool’s event arrives just after the release of the Russian Navy in World of Warships: Legends.

The new cruisers leading the Red Navy have brought tremendous long-range firepower to the game, further developing gameplay. The Russian destroyers are available in early access as well, due to arrive in full next update.



The seven new Russian and Soviet cruisers form the backbone of the Red Navy tech tree. Lightly armoured but heavily armed, these cruisers play much like traditional glass cannons. They cover a large period in Russian naval history, from 1900 into the Cold War but share familiar characteristics from Tier III onward. The Soviet cruisers are at their best pelting enemy ships from a distance and racking up the damage, but also have a few tools to help them at close ranges. Dealing damage is their specialty, don’t get caught out of position in front of them! With April Fool’s and new ships in-game, World of Warships: Legends keeps going strong.

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