Freedom Finger shoots its way to Xbox One

Wide Right Interactive will bring their wacky and foul-mouthed highly satirical music-driven shoot’em up Freedom Finger to Xbox One on March 24th.

Freedom Finger features 40 handcrafted levels where players pilot the middle finger space ship in order to protect Democracy and rescue the inhabitants of the American space station on the moon. While the game is a shoot’em up at its core, you can also punch and even grab oncoming enemies and use them as a weapon.

The game also features the voiceover work of voice legend Nolan North and underground hip-hop artist Aesop Rock and includes fully unlocked arcade mode, optional God mode, language options and various levels of difficulty; for those looking for a more tame experience can also launch the censored mode with voice-overs befitting that of a rated-R movie being played on daytime television.

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