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For many of us, we love to lose ourselves in the gaming world. Sometimes there’s nothing better than to game and forget about our stresses. Just picture yourself getting in from a hard day at work or school, putting on something more comfortable and curling up on the sofa with your controller and loading up a game. Gaming is perfect for banishing those unwanted thoughts, as I’ve written previously, gaming is medicine for the soul and I’m a firm believer of that.

However, we can sometimes get to enthralled into game which often leads to stress in itself. This game stress maybe caused by lag, constantly failing at the last hurdle on a mission, or gamer rage, something lot’s of fifa players know all about.

Sometimes we need that perfect chill out game, something that is immersive, that whisk’s us off to another world, a game that is so stress free it leaves you in a totally zen state of mind. If that’s you, then I have the perfect game for you called Eastshade!

“Never heard of it” some might say, and you would probably be right, for may indie games get overlooked with all the new releases.

As gamers we owe to ourselves to take the time, to delve a little deeper and take a closer look at the indie scene, for that’s where you often find a gem of a title!

In Eastshade you play the role of an artist, travelling the world. Your journey starts with you embarking on a journey to Eastshade, a place your mother hard a lot of time for and wished you would use for inspiration in your work.

The vessel that you are travelling on has had an unfortunate accident not far from your final destination and you are washed ashore. Whilst the boat is lost at sea, you are lucky to be alive. The good folk of a small village in Eastshade take you in, offering kindness and shelter until you get back on your feet.

Once fully recovered it is up to you, as you explore the island of Eastshade and its different towns. Playing in a First person viewpoint, set up your artist’s easel and capture the world on canvas. Talk to the inhabitants to learn more about their lives. Make friends or foe and help those in need, as they helped you. Visit cities, scale summits, unearth mysteries, and discover forgotten places! There’s so much to do in this peaceful open world exploration adventure full of character, charm and wit.

Don’t rush in, take the time to enjoy the natural beauty of the lands before you, and don’t be scared to venture off the beaten path, after all there’s nothing better than scouring the charming beautiful landscapes and composing paintings. Throughout Eastshade you will often come across folk who mention detail’s in their dialogue that will lead you into creating a work of art just for them in exchange for gemstones, Eastshades currency. With your gem stones, why not venture off to the market where you can purchase useful aids that will help you go about your way and achieve your goals as a travelling artist.

As you explore the lands of Eastshade you will acquire crafting materials and schematics to surmount obstacles and solve quests, whilst making friends along the way through fully-voiced dynamic conversations and unlockable topics. Interacting with the locals will lead to someone wonderful friendships and a chance to discover mysteries and uncover secrets through set tasks. But ultimately it’s up to you, as you can so easily become engrossed with the games tranquil setting, that all you want to do is explore the hidden sights of this breath-taking games open world.

I love the concept of this game, it’s so refreshingly different from other, relaxing and invigorating, a game where you can just lose your worries and take on the role of helpful soul, where friendship is effortless and very rewarding. Eastshade features some wonderful interweaving micro stories flowing through the plot, a true chance to experience a game where your actions impact the world around you.

Eastshade is packed with little subtle missions and quests, with some excellent places to discover and interesting mysteries ready for you to solve, there’s always something to do in this free flowing zen like adventure.

Eastshade is visually stunning, packed with lush, vibrant colours, a touching story and wonderful characters. The game is peacefulness personified, with loads of exploration required and plenty of quests on hand, some requiring a bit of thought, other’s more of the lending of a hand nature. One thing’s for sure, Eastshade is enchanting and relaxing, and will certainly help you find inner peace.

CX Score
  • 77%
    Overall - 77%



  • Peaceful and tranquil experience
  • Touching and meaningful interaction
  • Lots to discover


  • Some helpful deeds are a little to and throw
  • Few little glitch’s (nothing major though)

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