Elex Xbox One Review

Elex review

Elex is a strange mix, as it looks to combine a post-apocalyptic world with elements of fantasy and sci-fi. The combination which at first sounds like an unsuccessful one, however Elex surprises all with this unique mix and its unique game world. One of the key roles played in the game comes from its choice of […]

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Review update: Our scoring system

Hi there, It’s Jamie, Founder for Complete Xbox. As you’re aware we recently undertook a poll via Twitter for our reviews and the system we adopt. Without further ado, it has been decided that we will change to a new scoring system. Going forward our reviews will be scored as a percentage out of 100%. […]

LEGO Marvel Avengers

LEGO Marvel Avengers review

I’ve always been a fan of the LEGO video games from TT Games, and LEGO Marvel Avengers couldn’t be any more ideal in terms of what a fan wants to see take the LEGO transition. The Avengers doesn’t just follow the two films, but also crosses over into Iron Man 3, both Captain America movies […]

Knight Squad logo

Knight Squad review

Fans of Bomberman are going to love Knight Squad, as its an eight-player fest of fun and challenging gameplay. Nostalgia is going to be strong with this one that’s for sure. If you like games like Gauntlet, then Knight Squad will instantly look familiar to you with its top-down camera perspective. The action itself is […]

Fallout 4 background

Fallout 4 review

There are some games that don’t need introduction and this definitely has to be one of them. Fallout 4 is well and truly here and you can guarantee it’s the game that will be talked about the most right through to Christmas. A game with such a status also has a high level of expectation, […]

Just Dance 2016

Just Dance 2016 review

Just Dance 2016 has returned for another year of spectacular hits and new dance moves. The game is pretty much described in the title and even if you’ve not played it before, you know it’s all about dancing. Utilising the use of Kinect to track your dance moves, you’re taken through a series of moves […]

Life Is Strange logo.

Life Is Strange: Episode 5 review

Ever since the Life Is Strange series started, my love has continued to grow for its attempt to tackle emotional and physical feelings. The game not only has you question your judgement in-game, but also in real life, and a game which manages to achieve that must carry something special. Episode 5 is the conclusion […]