Antstream: A retro gamer’s paradise on Xbox One

Every gamer of all ages should take a little closer look at Antstream, a real treasure trove of games from yesteryear. For retro gamers this App is the stuff of dreams, and should you be of a slightly younger generation and have ever wondered or wanted to play games from a golden generation, now’s your chance with Antstream.

Antstream Arcade is billed as the world’s first retro game subscription service. Players upon subscription gain access to over 700 classic game titles from yesteryear. The service features global leaderboards and a whole host of social challenges that can be enjoyed friends and foes alike.

You will find Antstream Arcade in the Apps section of the Xbox Store and should you have difficulty locating it, (which I’m sure you won’t) then just use the search function on your favourite console.

However, that’s not the only place you will find this gem of a service, you can pick up and play from anywhere, stream hundreds of classics to your computer, tablet or even your mobile phone.

Antstream Arcade boasts no installs, downloads, and certainly no waiting. The action is ready for you to jump straight in!

The subscription-based service is an ever-changing scene, with a constantly expanding library of your favourite retro games, wrapped up in a nice package delivered wherever you are via a fantastic on-demand service.

Anstream Arcade brings all these iconic games from the past back to the forefront of the 21st Century, but the App based service doesn’t just stop there, it evolves these games and makes them current.

Antstream have added some interesting twists-

  • Exciting social challenges – challenge your friends (or enemies) anywhere, at any time.
  • Global leaderboards – take on the world’s top players at your favourite games from yesteryear.
  • New gameplay modes – experience classic games as you’ve never seen them before.


The most thrilling thing about this unique service is that every game available in Antstream Arcade is custom-tailored to work on modern systems and is also playable on a gamepad, touchscreen or keyboard.

Antstream Arcade- Is retro gaming evolved, a wonderful service that brings together the very best of yester year’s games. The app is easy to use, effortless to navigate and has some lovely touches. I love the fact it has a social aspect to it, after all we live in a world where social media has pretty much impacted everyone’s life at some point, everywhere you go social media plays apart. But back in the day, there was no social media implications in gaming. The games were all about gameplay, there were no fancy graphics like today’s game and multiplayer was enjoyed best with friends at the arcades or at homes. Games were all about the sheer gaming experience, with hardly any advertising compared to today, word of mouth usually was the biggest way a game came to light for many of us, and with Antstream that brings that home again.

Antstream Arcade gives options to the retro gamer, should you wish to play solo feel free, should you wish to get involved with community based social challenges, then your wish is granted, and should you wish to play multiplayer across the net, then you will be rubbing your hands with glee.

Antstream really does improve upon what the retro scene has to offer and with the ability to play on one device such as your Xbox, save and grab your mobile a little latter and carry on where you left off (as long as you have an internet connection)….. well I must be dreaming!!!

There are too many games to mention on the service, but I’ll let you in on the platforms that feature in Antstream arcade, with the promise of more to come in the future: –






Anstream is quite simply pure gaming gold!

Stay tuned to Complete Xbox, for a new regular feature- where we take a look at the genre’s in the service and some of the top games available on Antstream. Should you wish to check out the service with a little more detail and view a full list of games available on the service, then head over to

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